• What does your company do?

    Empire Maju is a private immigration consultancy specializing in work-related Immigration to East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) providing immigration advice & representation, and is not affiliated with the Malaysian Government. In the case of work visa applications, the service we offer is to prepare and present an application on behalf of our clients.

    A client can be either a local or overseas employer, a candidate wishing to obtain leave to enter or leave to remain in a work-related immigration category, or applying for settlement. At times, our client will be an external agency or other concerned party. All applications made within all parts of Malaysia are received and processed by Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (Immigration Department of Malaysia) and associated government authorities.

  • Are you affiliated with the Malaysian government?

    No. Empire Maju simply acts as an official representative in immigration-related applications for services as listed in our website. We are registered with the Immigration Department as authorized private agents. Additionally for Sabah, our field representatives have the A-card immigration access (no analogue exists for Sarawak).

    Please take note work permit applications do not commonly follow straight-forward rules of eligibility. Approval is subject to compliances with government defined occupational classifications. All decisions for granting a work visa remain with the Immigration Department subject to the applicant lodging a valid application and meeting the relevant criteria.

  • What makes East Malaysia different in regard to immigration?

    With the Cobbold Commission leading to the inclusion of Sabah and Sarawak into the country now known as Malaysia in 1963, East Malaysia was granted measures and safeguards in place to protect the citizens in their respective states.

    As such, Sabah and Sarawak have their own immigration procedures and traveling from West Malaysia/Peninsula to East Malaysia/Borneo requires separate formalities. This means taking your passport (or MyKad for West Malaysians) whenever you travel there. Work permits for non-locals of that state (non-Sarawakian for Sarawak and non-Sabahan for Sabah) must be obtained in these states upon arrival.

  • Alright. My company is interested. How do we proceed?

    Drop us an email. The Empire Maju Immigration Consultant will work together with your representative (e.g. HR executive) to choose the most suitable visa, advising the rep with regard to exactly what documents will be required and assessing the suitability of the documents that are available. We will identify any potential roadblocks and formulate solutions at this stage.

    Forms for client signature will be prepared and the application presented to the Immigration Department. A cover letter prepared by us will fully explain the details of application and provide any clarifications that may be required.

    While the application is being processed, your assigned consultant will regularly follow up and fulfill any ad-hoc questions/requirements from Immigrations. Your company will receive regular status update during this time. After the work permit is approved, we will collect the applicant's passport from your company. The passport will be endorsed by Immigrations and returned to your company's office or the applicant directly. The applicant is now legally authorized to work

  • The volumes needed by my establishment is large with at least 30 application/renewals a month. How do we improve the response time of permits processing?

    Upon request, we can place our Immigration Consultants at your office. Our representatives will assist your employees on work permit related activities, solve any issues and respond to enquiries. Documents required for work permit application, endorsement or cancellation etc can be submitted directly by the employees to our representatives for processing.

    Additionally for volumes as such, your company will be assigned a dedicated Work Permits Business Manager who will act as a single point of contact. Please ask us for more information.

  • My company does not have any registered office in Borneo but my crew needs to work there.

    As with the above question. We are able to get your staff in without your representatives needing to be in East Malaysia at all. We will hand the endorsed passport/associated documents to the applicant directly once they arrive in-state to start work.

  • Thanks. I need them to work there in 1 month. How long will it take from engaging EM to my worker on the ground.

    Yes, work permits are subject to the discretion of the Immigration Department. Fortunately we have the right strategy to bring them in fast.

  • My company requires Petronas Vendor License work permit agent. Are you a right match?

    Yes. We are currently serving Oil and Gas companies here in Sabah and Sarawak. We are able to supply services to companies requiring Petronas Vendor License.

  • I am an individual. I don't own a company, i just want to bring my maid in. can you help?

    Yes of course. Empire Maju serves individual clients as well. Please drop us a line for a free consultation. Enquiry form.